Enzo Rizzo


Enzo Rizzo was born in Messina in 1958. He travelled in the East and Middle East and since 1985 he settled in Milan, which he left after many years to move to a village in Oltrepò Pavese. Since 1982 he has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad in a number of places, including: Geneva, New York, Messina, Rome, Milan, Prague, Paris, Taormina. His works are part of important private and public collections. Their theme is mainly the unity of the opposites, the transformation of matter and therefore the becoming of being, an invitation for those who look at them to a deep confrontation with the world and with themselves to reach the core of essence.

“The attempt to establish a precise meaning for these works of mine would end up limiting it instead of defining it. I have always been of the opinion that it is a mistake for an artist to talk or write too much about his work. By precisely defining one’s intentions, one risks to become a theorist, but even worse, by doing so, one dispels the tension necessary for his artwork.”

Art, with its deep spiritual seduction, has been the means to satisfy my vital need to connect myself to the souls around me in a relationship of unity. The thematic core of my work always recalls a need for purity to which modern man too often remains estranged. It’s a plunging into the living substance, into a magical journey to the center of the original magma. The central element of my works contains a series of symbols related to life and death, birth, creation, metamorphic nature. My paintings are always a poetic-evocative attempt to capture the essential, for this reason the pictorial matter seems to have its own life, which ages and changes. But no painting offers a resolute answer, because the answer is something that precedes artistic expression and that something is life. For me, life comes first, art is a way of living more consciously and with more intensity. Every work of art is actually the reincarnation of the artist’s soul.