Luca Bonfanti

Luca Bonfanti was born in Desio (MB) in 1973. He took his first steps in the world of art as painter, sculptor, photographer, musician and designer, away from the academic contexts at a very young age, following his natural and uncontrollable desire to be able to freely express his feelings and thoughts through the freedom offered by art. He is a self-taught artist. As in the old times, he began to attend the workshops of some of the greatest contemporary masters in Milan and take advantage of their teaching. The direct experience freed him from mannerisms and academicism, focusing his attention on the meaning of authentically individual poetics. His intense creative activity and his personality inspired his research to express himself with different languages: he started with photography and music, then moved on to harsh material typical of sculpture and later to the delicacy of colour in painting. His pictorial stroke was initially characterized by a marked abstract leaning, then matured over time and eventually Bonfanti found a predominant delicacy which lightens colours and shapes in dreamlike, intimate and poetic atmospheres.

In 2015 Bonfanti created 12 artworks on the specific subject of Milano Expo 2015. On commission of the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and Navigli Lombardi he paid homage to the great genius of LEONARDO da VINCI by creating a reinterpretation of THE LAST SUPPER and some artworks related to the theme of water. Thanks to these artworks, in 2016 Bonfanti was the leading figure in the travelling exhibition titled Leonardo Da Vinci and the Contemporaries, which held its first event at Palazzo Martinengo – Brescia.
In 2016/2017 he received a further important commission from the Vatican Publisher Scripta Maneant of Bologna, concerning a personal reinterpretation of the Sistine Chapel. In 2018 he inaugurated the first of a series of exhibitions at the Duomo of Massa Carrara, curated by the Centro Studi Milano ‘900 titled In viaggio: Dante e la luce, Tempo dell’Essere, tempo dell’esistere (Travelint: Dante and The Light, Time of Being, Time of Existence) , in collaboration with: Associazione Culturale San Domenichino, Diocese of Massa Carrara and Pontremoli, Casa Museo Ugo Guidi, Fondazione Primato, Associazione Italia Hong Kong, ContainerLab Association, The Propellers Club Port of Milan, Associazione Comitato Pro Torano, and sponsored by: Regional Council of the Tuscany Region, Province of Massa Carrara and Municipality of Massa.
Bonfanti has received awards and prizes in national and international competitions. Today the artist has more than 50 solo exhibitions in his curriculum in Italy and abroad.

My “Manifesto”, “My” Art.

I have always wanted to experience the power of creation, the ability of expressing, the joy of producing wonder and glory as far as the eye can wander, beyond all horizons, beyond the boundaries and limits of man and the wildest imagination. Art is life because it awakens the soul from darkness and hypnotic lethargy and calls it to presence.

L’Arte è la sveglia per essere totalmente vivi, aperti, liberi e presenti in questo mondo.

L’Arte È…

Art is the jolt to be totally alive, open, free and present in this world.

Art is……

I will never be satisfied with the nonentity of humankind.

I will dedicate every earthly breath of mine so that with every work of mine, creation and gesture, I may be the bearer of truth and enlightenment for the soul.

 Art is Love.

Art is energy transformed into matter.

Art is God who becomes matter.

Art is about telling all that exists but cannot be seen.

Art is about giving substance to feelings.

Art is revealing the truth of life and to accompany man in his personal evolutionary journey.

Art comes from that immense, eternal and boundless space from which everything originates and becomes light, colour, vibration, perception, vision, representation, sound, voice, word in this dimension.

Art is that inexhaustible source of life that vibrates in the universe and that gives shape to everything.

Art is your mirror; making art is throwing yourself into the unknown, taking a leap into the void, flying into the absolute and revealing its secrets.

Art puts you in front of your limits, your fears, your inner justice, forces you to surrender, allowacceptance, compassion and love for yourself, because by opening that door you enter the creative space and by embracing it you can begin a cosmic dance.

Art is contemplation, waiting, transformation of pain into ecstasy, pleasure and bliss.

The creative process requires this transformation, and when you are open and connected; the universe/life/god/energy speaks to you and guides you, you then become a magical and extraordinary tool at its service. (instead of tool, “instrument” or “mechanism” could work better)

When you feel that connection, your frequency is very high and everything opens around you, just as does Love.