Container Expo Milano 2015

ContainerLab Expo 2015 is a project to promote contemporary Italian art and artists during the Expo 2015 period. The project connected visitors from all over the world and the Lombardy Region by means of 12 container installations set up as art galleries, located in the 12 main squares of cities in the Provinces of Milan, Como, Varese, Monza and Brianza, and had over 400,000 visitors.

The project was promoted by CONTAINER LAB ASSOCIATION and required a complex preparatory work that led to a partnership with the Association “Mappe dei Tesori d’Italia” and obtained some of the most important national sponsorships, first of all those of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and “Expo 2015”. The main intent was to subtract art from the institutional venues and bring it closer to the people, so that the public would not perceive filters between themselves and the works on display and could experience the visit to an exhibition as a pleasant daily adventure easy to reach.

Participating Artists
Luca Bonfanti
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