Leonardo da Vinci e i Contemporanei

Leonardo da Vinci e i Contemporanei

From July 2 to October 2, 2016, Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia hosts the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci e i contemporanei: an important collective pictorial work reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s technique. The exhibition is organized and coordinated by Container Lab Association.

The exhibition is Sponsored by: Province of Brescia – Italian Touring Club – City of Brescia

In Collaboration with: Iat Brescia – Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia – Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi – Museo del Fango – Le Mappe dei Tesori D’Italia – Mìssione Architetto – Sinas The International Propeller Clubs Milano

Official Partners: Mallfox, Guerci, IXTGargo, Effepierre, Omlog, Solog, Le Giraffe, Royal Stand, Silmar Cornici, Wine Marcati, 0Zero Komo, Arte Capital, Scripta Maneant, Stefano Brenna creativo, Giorgio Balzano Fotografo, Clasci Viaggi, Giovanni Pallota grafica, Michelangelo Fotografo, Show-Room Arte Milo, Easy Cloud, G.e L.Malcagni fotoarte, Art expò milano 2016, Richmonditalia, SGI srl

Curator of the exhibition: Valerio Lombardo, critical texts Prof. Stefano Brenna

The exhibition features paintings of eleven contemporary artists, reproductions of Leonardo’s machines and interactive cross-media productions devoted exclusively to the “Ultima cena”.

The project plan, setting up alongside ambitiously “disorganization” of signs of contemporary aesthetics to the reinterpretation of the classic: “disorganization” is a reference point and at the same competitive spirit which the pictorial language can not escape.
The selection of works and interactive exhibits are amplification and re-evaluation of the image, often stereotyped and sometimes trivialized, that Leonardo’s work has assumed over time.

The artists who are offer an “emotional journey” are: Franco Anselmi, Benigna Marino, Luca Bonfanti, Cannao, Renato Natale Chiesa, Domenico Cage, Milo, Enzo Rizzo, Philip Scimeca, Togo, Tiziana Vanetti. Each artist presents, with its own language, a contemporary reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibition is complemented with the presence of 13 reproductions of Leonardo’s machines, made by the Commendatore Giorgio Mascheroni, and a series of video installations and cross-media.

Room “L’ultima cena”

Are exposed the suggestive interpretations of the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the “L’ultima cena” of two great Italian contemporary Artists: Luca Bonfanti and Milo supported by explanatory content in touch mode.

Video“Leonardo tells the Cenacle” by Maurizio Sangalli with Massimiliano Loizzi, Marco Ballerini, Alberto Patrucco, Alfredo Colina.

“L’Ultima Cena” by Leonardo da Vinci is reproduced in HD 1: 1 scale with explanatory content in touch mode.

Video – “Leonardo Enigma”“The moon, the flight and the hands” of Michael Cannao ‘

Exhibition catalog published by Scripta Manent – Bologna.

During the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci e i Contemporanei” will be organized cultural events.


The inauguration will be Friday, July 1st at 20.00 only by Invitation.

Musical performances by Elisa Maffi (Soprano) and Elizabeth Inzaghi (Piano).


Ticket: Adults € 7,00 – Reduced € 5,00 – Children up to 12 years including – free admission
Opening Time: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 19.00
Saturday from 11.00 to 22.30


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